The Clean Hands Sani Stands Are Perfect for…

  • Construction

  • Party Rental Companies

  • Events

  • Zoos

  • Carnivals

  • Trampoline Parks

  • Sport Teams

  • Family Entertainment Centers

  • Disc Jockeys

  • Retail/Lifestyle Centers


  1. 1. Up to 4 sanitizer dispenser units on each stand
  2. 2. Adult/child/handicap height friendly
  3. 3. Accommodates any brand dispenser
  4. 4. Weighs 18 lbs with empty base or 68 lbs with sand or water fill
  5. 5. Permanent install bolt design
  6. 6. Rugged injection molded plastic construction
  7. 7. Weather resistant
  8. 8. Brandable
  9. 9. Made in the USA
  10. 10. Color Options:

How the Clean Hands Sani Stands Stacks Up!

The Clean Hands Sani StandPURELL Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand
SIZE (H X L X W)52” x 18” x 18”57” x 17” x 17”
WEIGHT18 lbs empty / 68 lbs with base full of water or sand-IT WILL NOT TIP OVER10 lbs
OUTDOOR USE WORTHYYES, and weather resistentNo-indoor only
BRANDABLEYES, the tops and sides of the standNone
COLOR OPTIONSYES, 10 different colors to choose fromWhite only
PROPRIETERY SANITIZER NEEDED NO, Any brand of touch free or push button dispenser can be applied that you buy on your ownOnly the Purell touch free dispenser
CONSTRUCTIONHighly Durable Injection Molded PlasticFlimsy Aluminim
PERMENANT INSTALL FRIENDLY?Yes, it comes with mounting bolt holes at the bottom of the standNo
COST PER STAND W/O DISPENSERS$299 plus shipping for the stand only (4 mounting locations)$175 plus shipping for the stand only (1 mounting location)
COST PER STAND WITH 4 PUSH DISPENSERS AND 4 REFILL BAGS$449 plus shipping$1444 plus shipping (would need to purchase 4 stands)*
HIGHLY VISIBLEYES, YES, YES…Colorful and Made to be Seen!Monotone

About us

A lifetime in the party rental industry and a world of experience led to debut of The Clean Hands Sani Stand. Distributed EXCLUSIVELY by Michael Gallant and his nationally known event rental company Perfect Parties USA, The Clean Hands Sani Stand is the marriage of his only ever two jobs…health care and event rentals. At a young age Michael had ambitions of being an emergency room physician. He worked several years as a National Registered EMT and also on a trauma team at Boston’s Brigham & Women’s Hospital all while moonlighting delivering party rentals. “I just loved helping people, I was driven by making patients feel better, making them happy and making them feel safe while they were in my hands”. In early 2000 Michael’s love for medicine was derailed after developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from participating and witnessing countless emergency room happenings. It was here that Michael turned his attention to his moonlighting party rentals and made this his full time pursuit. Today Michael’s Perfect Parties USA provides custom game rentals, amusements, and carnival games to a municipalities, colleges, and corporations nationwide.

It All Started as a Healthcare Worker

“Party rentals and medicine felt so similar to me, they both had an element of intensity and they both had the ability to make people happy. The Clean Hand Sani Stand is where it all comes together for me”, says Michael. “ I have a fundamental and engraved awareness for sanitation that was imbedded in me during my health care days and I understand the necessity for sanitation in uncontrolled environments being part of so many public events. These uncontrolled environments like construction sites, parties, events, zoos, fec’s and so much more now have an obligation to their employees, guest attendees and sponsors to do their part. The Clean Hand Sani Stand, provides this outlet and meets my rigor test, If I can have a piece of equipment fall off the back of the truck and still work perfectly, it’s a rental item I want in my inventory! The Clean Hand Sani Stand is rugged and I felt an overwhelming compulsion to bring to market because I know this was needed from both a health and a practicality stand point”. Public sanitization will never be the same, I hope that everyone does their part and takes this as seriously as I do”. The Clean Hand Sani Stands like all of Perfect Parties USA’s other rentals are available for rent nationwide and are also available for purchase too.

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